VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A Park Board Commissioner is touting new figures as proof the Bloedel Conservatory should stay open. The NPA’s Ian Robertson says revenue doubled and attendance tripled in December of 2009 compared to December of 2008.

He says the numbers, which he claims come from a “reliable source”, are proof the facility can stand on its own, and he’s vowing to keep it open. “This does not have to be a facility that needs to be shut down. It does not have to be kept open at the expense of keeping a community centre open. The attendance figures from December demonstrate that it can be a viable facility.”

He says the Conservatory has become a more attractive place to visit since Canada Line construction and work on a reservoir in Queen Elizabeth Park ended.

He’s still hoping a business plan, which will allow the Conservatory to stay in public hands, will be found before the April 30th deadline; otherwise the facility is set to close.