VANCOUVER (NEWS1130):  The downtown emergency shelter under the Granville Street bridge will re-open Wednesday, and the City of Vancouver promises changes have been made which should see the shelter re-open without any problems.  The city says it has made changes which should address complaints neighbours had the first time the shelter opened last summer.

Councillor Kerry Jang says the shelter will now be open 24-7, meaning people staying there will be able to use the washrooms around the clock.  “We had a lot of problems with people–when they had to leave the shelter when it closed at 10 in the morning–going to the washroom in people’s backyards…so we made sure that they had bathroom facilities available all day and all night.”

Jang insists a bed reservation system will get rid of line-ups outside the shelter, and a chain of command has been set up this time to make sure neighbourhood complaints are directly dealt with.  “All the residents and neighbourhoods will be provided with one number to call, so they can talk to someone directly at the shelter , so they can take care of concerns right away.”

The shelter will close April 30th.