CHILLIWACK (NEWS1130) – A dropped 911 call in Chilliwack directed Mounties to the general area of a violent sex assault on Monday night. The dispatcher directed officers to the nearest cell phone tower to where the call had been placed.

Corporal Lea-Anne Dunlop says a 19-year-old sex trade worker was in a car with a man who struck her with a wrench, pulled out a knife, then tied her up, dragged her from the car and sexually assaulted her, “She was forcibly confined, was taken back to town and went to the hospital. Often times these types of incidents are not reported to us. The female in this case was quite courageous to come forward and give us the information as to what happened and was able to give us enough information that we could identify the suspect.”

Dunlop adds RCMP then located the scene of the attack and seized the car where the assault was believed to have happened. Brian Arthur Racher, 31, was arrested and charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault with a Weapon, Forcible Confinement and Assault with a Weapon.