VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – What a ride!  The Paralympic Games came to an end last night, and that means the 2010 party is now officially over.  We’re finding out how you are dealing with it.

For many people it just feels so darn normal this morning. The spotlight is gone, the eyes of the world are turning elsewhere and we’re back to being plain old number one city in the world.

After the Olympic-Paralympic megaparty, a lot of people will miss the in-your-face pride in Canada. It seems a lot of those maple leaves are being folded up and put away. “I think it is in the moment, for a certain event. I don’t think it is something you’re going to see on a day-to-day basis… until Canada Day. I think the flags will come out again then. But I don’t think there is any reason to wave their flags and have them on their cars. I think that will be gone.”

We’re finding a lot of people who say Vancouver 2010 was absolutely great, but it is nice to have our city back.