GLASGOW, UK (NEWS1130) – It came as a bit of a disappointment for the SFU pipe band after they tied for third at the World Pipe Band Championship in Glasgow attended by over 50,000 people.

The ex-champs were set to defend their title, but the team from Ireland claimed the top spot. A marking mistake placed the Burnaby band in fourth place initially, but they were later bumped up to third to tie Scotland after the error was discovered.

But the team says the tie should have been broken, because only one of their marks was taken into consideration, whereas marks for the combined performances are usually weighed. The SFU team expects it will take a day or two to sort out the issue, but feels confident the ruling will come down to their favour.

Still, freelance journalist Sarah Toom, who is in Glasgow, says the school has definitely earned its reputation.  “They are not only the current champions after winning in 2009, but they’ve won it six times overall over the last few years.  So, they’ve got quite a presence and the Scots go ‘Yeah, they’re great.  Those Canadians always come and skunk us.’”

The band still had reason to celebrate as SFU Drum Major Jason Paguio took the top prize in the World Drum Major championship.