CHILLIWACK (NEWS1130) – The dinosaurs are finally going extinct in Chilliwack; you only have a few weeks left to say goodbye to Dinotown.

After 35 years, Dinotown – formerly Flintstones’ Bedrock City – is going the way of the dinosaurs. The theme park’s last day is September 6th.

The Vancouver Sun reports the extinction is due to a business deal. The Mayor of Dinotown, Rob Ell, had an opportunity to sell and did. Dinotown’s 18 acres now belong to a land developer; they’re paving paradise and putting up an RV park.

Why did the name change to Dinotown back 1994? Hanna Barbera was sold to Time Warner and told Ells he couldn’t use the Flintstones anymore.

With the closure looming, Ells tells the Sun Dinotown has never been busier.