VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Traffic flaggers in the Lower Mainland are thrilled the RCMP has responded to their call for help. The Mounties have committed to an anti-speeding campaign in construction zones.

Flagger Diane Herback says within 15 minutes of sitting down with the RCMP’s traffic division and the Ministry of Transportation, they committed to what she calls a construction zone counter attack.

She’s been told radar traps will be set up in work areas within two weeks. “Every detachment has a traffic division, and there is no reason why they can’t go into construction zones with the radar and that is exactly what they are going to do.”

She had been expecting an uphill battle, but was relieved police took action. “It was like, wow, somebody’s paying attention. Somebody actually cares, because we were actually getting to the point where nobody cared, we were just a flagger on the side of the road.”

Flaggers will have monthly follow ups with Mounties.