VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – With children heading back to school in just two days, parents gathered today to voice their concerns about the public education system.  They were joined by NDP Leader Carole James and MLA Mable Elmore.

Roughly 20 parents, from Vancouver, Richmond, Delta and Surrey got together at the Kensington Community Centre for a round table discussion about their children’s future.

Most parents explained cuts to the arts, extra-curricular programs and a threat of multiple school closures will only diminish the quality of the public education system.

Alicia is a parent who says she’s sick and tired of broken promises.  “The government has created crisis after crisis after crisis.  We have chaos, parents are unsure about how their children’s needs are going to be met.  Programs that actual help children succeed are being cut.”

One child, who attended today’s discussion, says the real problem is the Liberal government failing to ask the opinions of the people impacted the most — students.

Meanwhile, James, who is midway through her education tour, says the provincial government is so busy dealing with its own problems, like the HST, that it has lost focus on children’s education.  “There is a missing partner at the table and that’s the provincial government.  They are downloading costs, they are not working with the people in the education system, so I’m calling again today on the provincial government to start focusing on the basics and fundamentals in our community and public education should be at the top of the list.”

She says it’s impossible to run any school when the only thing the government knows how to do is slash funding.