VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – There’s been a 150 per cent jump in the number of complaints to Canada’s Telecommunications Complaints Commissioner, and most of the beefs are with wireless companies.

Anyone who owns a cell phone has sat for what seems like an eternity on hold, or has engaged in a riveting conversation with a robot. Bruce Cran with the Consumers’ Association of Canada says, “I think that customers in general don’t feel like they’re being dealt with fairly, and they don’t feel like they’re being attended to in a personal way.”

Cran tells us while there have been service improvements for businesses, things haven’t gotten much better for the average Joe. “Generally, if you have a cell phone and you have a problem, you’ll probably have that problem well into the future because it’s so hard to get it dealt with.”

Complaints largely surround accounts, products and sales with the big cell phone companies. The Commissioner’s report notes 84 per cent of complaints were resolved, but it also expects the number of beefs to keep rising.