OTTAWA (NEWS1130) – It’s being considered a major victory for those opposed to Enbridge‘s plans to set up a massive pipeline from Alberta to Kitimat. MPs have voted in favour of a motion to ban oil tankers on our coast.

The motion is non-binding on the government, which maintains it already has a moratorium on that kind of traffic in our waters.

But NDP MP Nathan Cullen, who was behind the motion, says the moratorium is inadequate.

“There’s a voluntary, north-south moratorium from Alaska. It means the tankers coming from Alaska have to go a little further from the coast. But over those same treacherous waters, those same pristine, important waters, the government says if you move tankers right to left, that’s not a problem,” he explains.

He believes that with a route consisting of three hairpin turns and horrific weather along the northern coast, accidents involving supertankers would be inevitable.

The vote comes on the very same day the federal environmental auditor came out with a scathing report, saying the government lacks a solid plan to handle major oil accidents.

“It says the government has no ability or plan to deal with major oil spills, after 20 years of promising to have one,” points out Cullen.