VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Pamela Anderson knows a thing or two about beaches. After all, she spent years patrolling them while playing lifeguard CJ on “Baywatch” in the 90s. But she’s now calling on British Columbians to protect their beaches by saying no to oil tankers.

In a new YouTube video, Anderson is seen strolling along the beaches of Vancouver Island, where she grew up. She is adding her voice to those who want to see oil tankers banned from BC’s coast. “This is obviously what I consider my home. We need to protect it for future generations. When I heard there is going to be crude oil shipped out of Vancouver, I had to say, ‘NO TANKS.’”

She says an oil spill would be devastating for the area, “A 30-second navigational error could be catastrophic. Vancouver Island would be devastated. If there was an oil spill here, I don’t think it would ever recover.”

Earlier this week, Parliament passed a motion banning the big ships, but it’s not binding and the Harper government can choose to ignore it.