BURNABY (NEWS1130) – Paul Boyd was likely kneeling or lying on the ground when one of the eight shots fired by a VPD constable hit him. That’s according to a pathologist report released today at the coroner’s inquest into Boyd’s death.

The pathologist says the fatal shot must have been fired from above because the bullet entered Boyd’s face and punctured his heart. Boyd’s father David says Constable Lee Chipperfield clearly was not following his training on police use of force. “Very few of those bullets hit in the torso area, at which he was aiming. He was hit in the fly twice, in the arms, in the side of the chest, in the face at one point.”

He claims there was plenty of time for Constable Chipperfield to disarm his son. “If he had actually succeeded in one of his earlier shots, Paul might have been incapacitated.”

Boyd says it all doesn’t match up with the constable’s testimony. “It was not some super human person that was somehow able to resist lethal shots many times. It was someone who was an incompetent marksman who was missing his target, and not doing what he has been trained to do.”

Boyd was suffering from bipolar disorder and was swinging a chain at police officers when he was shot eight times in August of 2007. A friend who knew Boyd for ten years told investigators that Paul needed take his medication, and earlier in the day he was seen hammering wildly on a garbage bin in the back alley. When Boyd’s father David was questioned, he told police that his son should have been in the hospital, but he refused to be admitted. He also told investigators that on the day his son was fatally shot, Paul was having delusional thoughts and sounded depressed.

The 911 calls made on the night Boyd was shot have also been released for the first time today.

The coroner’s inquest is expected to wrap up on Friday.