VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It’s where Twitter launched and many people outside of university first heard of Facebook.

South by SouthWest festival is into its 26th year. Local tech blogger John Biehler is part of the five-member “Eh Team” heading there. He calls it “a music, interactive, web and film conference that’s held every year in Austin, Texas.”

This year, they are road-trippin’. “Normally we fly in and out of Austin, and from Vancouver there’s no direct flight. It’s a good day of travel,” he explains. “This year we’re gonna drive.”

“I’m the captain of one of ten teams from North America that Chevy has chosen to give [a vehicle to]… we’re gonna be driving down over four days and having a number of challenges against the other teams. We then all meet up in Austin on the tenth.”

You can interact with the team and even follow its progress online for the 36-hour drive when it leaves on Monday. There’s also a send-off party on Sunday.

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