POWELL RIVER (NEWS1130) – It was starting to look like a BC and Washington State mystery was growing deeper after a running shoe with a bone in it washed up on a beach near Powell River this weekend. But the RCMP confirm the remains aren’t human.

RCMP Corporal Annie Linteau says a woman made the discovery on a beach south of Powell River on Saturday. “She found a running shoe with what appeared to be remains inside.”

Ten shoes with detached human feet have washed up on beaches in both BC and Washington State since 2007.

The plan was to test the remains this week, but after the story broke, police got a phone call from a man who said his dog had been chewing on a bone at that same beach, and he ended up putting it in a discarded shoe to get the dog to stop.

The Coroner was then able to confirm to police that the remains are indeed from an animal and not a person.

In 2008, a bone in a shoe found on a beach in Campbell River was thought to be another foot. It turned out it was an animal bone put in a sock in a possible hoax.