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A quarter of dogs left alone for too long: study

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – When we say it’s a dog’s life, for some it’s a life of loneliness, distress, and separation anxiety.

A new study, one of the largest on pet well-being, suggests close to a quarter of all dogs are left alone for too long. Twenty-three per cent of dog-owners in the UK leave their pet alone five hours or longer on workdays. According to one hospitality manager we met in Vancouver, it even happens on vacation.

“We’re a hotel that’s pet friendly and when people bring their dogs here they have to sign a waiver promising not to leave their dog alone in the room,” Graeme tells us. “Too many people leave their dogs alone when they’re here on holiday. It disturbs other guests with the barking and baying.”

How long is too long? That’s up for debate.

Vancouver dog behaviour expert and author Stanley Coren says he doesn’t know of any research into it. He tells the Province newspaper it depends on how social the breed is. For example, hounds need more attention but some working and guard dogs are happy to be left alone for up to 12-hours.