SURREY (NEWS1130) – Mounties have been planning for months to make sure there won’t be any controversial floats at the Vaisakhi parade in Surrey, expected to attract thousands of people this weekend.

Corporal Drew Grainger says they’ve been in constant contact with parade organizers to make sure there is nothing controversial this year.

“All of the information or images that are expected to be displayed do not infringe any laws in Canada,” says Grainger.

He says they’ve been going over leaflets, floats and other literature to make sure there is nothing considered hatred inciting.

“We have a fantastic relationship with everybody at the table when it comes to this,” insists Grainger. “We see no breach at this point of any Canadian laws, and we don’t expect there to be [one].”

In past years, pictures of the founders of two groups considered terrorist organizations by the Canadian government were passed out.

Also, there was a float honouring a Sikh separatist extremist, and local politicians who’ve been outspoken against Sikh separatist violence were told to show up with security.