VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A complaint has been filed with the NHL to prevent The Green Men from doing their thing at the Vancouver Canucks games.  Some are saying that complaint came from the Nashville Predators.

Sully and Force are being told not to touch the glass and no more handstands.

One hockey analyst calls their act a “circus sideshow,” and says “they’re a pain in the neck to almost every team” that plays at Rogers Arena.

But others like Hockey Night in Canada panelist Eric Francis says The Green Men are paying fans and have a right to be there.  “They have done nothing wrong.  All they’re doing is adding to the ambiance and the atmosphere of a game, which is what makes a game so fun… a stadium so fun.”

He explains the league should look into getting a sense of humour.  “Their complaint is fruitless.  I mean these guys pay for their tickets.  [And] they don’t interfere with the play or the players.  I don’t see it as a problem whatsoever.”

A Facebook group has been set up to save the duo.

Last week the NHL cracked down on a local car dealership Kingsway Honda for having “Go Canucks Go” signage in the window.

Canucks aren’t electric?

As Canuck-fever continues to sweep the province, there seems to be an odd by-product of that excitement: British Columbians are actually saving electricity.

Greg Alexis with BC Hydro looked at the amount of electricity we used throughout the Canucks’ series with the Chicago Blackhawks, and found we saved quite a bit during games one and seven.

“Tuesday, we estimated an average drop in electricity demand of about 3.6 per cent,” he explains.  “That’d be equal to turning off about 48 million compact fluorescent light bulbs.”

That’s twice the electricity this province saved during Earth Hour in March.

BC Hydro’s best guess for the big drop is while fans are glued to the TV, they aren’t using other energy guzzlers.

“We’re probably barbequing a bit more, perhaps ordering in a meal when we want to watch the game,” he speculates. “Other electricity appliances in the house are not being used as much.”