VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A new survey says a quarter of managers don’t want to see Canucks shenanigans take away from valuable work time.

An OfficeTeam survey found 25% of managers felt NHL playoff activities should be kept at home, but some places argue team spirit can have a positive effect on the environment.

Shawn Hall with Telus says some of their offices do cheer the team on. “We really leave it up to individual teams to decide what they are going to do. I’ve heard some stories of some teams that are having Canucks themed pot luck lunches, putting up banners, wearing jerseys if their jobs allow it and things like that.”

Anna Moreton with MacKay LLP Chartered Accountants says she is running a hockey pool. “This year I have over 140 contestants, and it’s looking pretty tight. I actually have a competitive team for the first time this year.”

She figures most of the partners are for the pool because they are taking part.

People who can get involved at YVR are showing team support, says Lara Gerrits with the Airport.

“Many of our retailers and staff, for that matter, are really getting into the Canucks playoff spirit. Many of our employees are wearing their jerseys on game day, when they are able to.”

We at News1130 do the pools; wear the jerseys, heck… the evening show even watches the games to give you the latest updates!