VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – This weekend is all about economics with the arrival of four cruise ships.

Nineteen thousand passengers will come and go on four ships that all dock tomorrow between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. The port calls it a one-day, high-volume event downtown. Taxi drivers expect to be slammed and hotels are preparing to be full but this limo driver says few others will benefit economically:

“Anyone going on a cruise ship… gets on the bus, take it directly… bypass customs and everything, [get] right onto the ship,” he says. “They get off the ship, on the buses, straight out and past everybody.”

This driver says it’ll be hectic, but it’s all about showing off his town. “I try to encourage them to look at the sights and tell them more about Vancouver. They’re all very impressed. What they like about it is it’s a nice, clean, and friendly city.”

Tomorrow’s exceptional volume has prompted a transportation alert from Port Metro Vancouver, urging those heading to Canada Place and Ballantyne Pier to make travel arrangements well in advance.