VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – With tonight’s Stanley Cup game starting at 5 p.m., a lot of people might book out of work early to get home or a find a good seat at their favourite watering hole.

“We’re going to be in for a very different rush hour this afternoon,” says Kim Seale with the News1130 Air Patrol. “I believe we’re going to get waves of volume that are probably going to start around lunch time, as people sort out where they’re going to be. A lot of people will head into town early.”

With the 5 o’clock start, people will likely fill up on appetizers and drinks at bars instead of having full dinners. Expect pubs are going to fill up very early; that rush could start just after lunch time.

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Where are you watching the game?

The familiar Olympic vibe that swept the city just over a year ago is back, big time! So, where will you be as your team begins its final Stanley Cup Challenge?

There are moments in history when you remember exactly where you were. For a lot of people we’ve spoken to, that next epic memory will be burned in a familiar and comfortable setting when the puck drops just after 5 p.m.

One woman says she’ll be perched on her couch at home. “It’s cheaper for wine, and you can yell at the TV and not have anyone make fun of you!”

“It works out perfectly because I work night shifts,” one man tells us. “So, I’ll be able to watch the whole game and not miss any of the periods… Last year, Canada won the gold medal and now the Canucks have the chance to win the Stanley Cup!”

Another fan tells us he’s sent a game-day note to his buddy in Japan that says ‘Wish you were here; this is your team, the one you’ve loved for 40 years.’