VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – I’ll show you my Johnny Canuck if you show me yours! Some fans are rushing to have the vintage emblem tattooed onto their bodies.

Carl Brown of our partner station Mountain FM in Squamish has a new one on his left upper arm. “It was a full two and a half hours sitting down in the chair. The first couple of needles on there, I thought, ‘Wow, this is going to be a bit of an undertaking.’ But you get a little numb to it. By the end… I was squirming pretty good.”

“I chose the Johnny Canuck ‘V’ logo which is seen prominently on the shoulder patch on the third jersey the Canucks wear,” he explains. “It’s got the lumberjack hand with the blue and green beam.”

He says he’d been considering the tattoo for a long time, but recent Canucks wins gave him the final push to get it done.