VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The latest Canucks craze is coming out of nail salons across the city. It has been described as the woman’s answer to the playoff beard.

Canucks manicure photos have also taken over the Internet and nail artists everywhere are cashing in. Amy Nguyen with Glamstar Beauty has been painting on the hockey sticks, orcas, and even Johnny Canuck.

What’s even more impressive — she has been doing this all freehand. “I did it myself all by hand, no stickers, stroke by stroke.”

“I can do any picture,” she says. “Clients can bring in any picture and I can do it on the nails. The first time, it took over two hours but now I get more practice. More clients come in for it.”

She has done well over 20 manicures like this during the playoff run; the other girls at the salon have also learned these designs to get people through a little faster.