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Canucks fans face abuse while visiting Boston

VANCOUVER, BC. – Despite some awful reports concerning the way Canucks fans were treated in Boston, the die-hard fans are expected to return for game six.

Marie emailed News1130 to say the only place she wasn’t harassed while in Boston was inside her hotel room. She says a group of teenage boys were verbally aggressive, and one Bruins fan even tried to shove his fingers in her mouth at TD Garden. (See her email below)

The Green Men expected to be heckled in Boston, but Sully says some Bruins fans took it a bit far. “Game 4 was a little bit more hectic than Game 3. I got a drink spilled on me, I got smacked in the head, and I got kicked.”

“The main heckle was the finger thing,” he says. “That was a long time ago… even the NHL is getting sick of it. But people kept coming up to us doing the finger thing… [I thought], ‘Good one, very funny, come up with some new material.'”

He says people turned more aggressive in Beantown after the Rome hit on Horton.

What should visiting fans do?

Clare Newell with Jubilee Travel says fans should think about where they are wearing their jerseys and keep some other safety tips in mind:

“Have common sense and [keep your] wits about you for the situation you are going into,” she advises. “You are going into lots of crowds, lots of drinking, and if you are wearing a Canucks jersey you have to be prepared to take a bit of heat.”

“Don’t make eye contact with them,” she suggests. “Just walk by and ignore it. Don’t engage.”

Newell says there are a lot of ways abuse can happen, including getting beer dumped on you. For anyone buying a package to watch Game 6, she strongly suggests buying travel insurance. “If there is something thrown or poured on you and it’s hot — or it hits you in the wrong way and you do need to go to hospital, it could cost you a fortune.”

Marie’s full email to News1130:

I was fortunate enough to fly out to Boston to watch the Canucks play Boston Bruins in game #4 of the Stanley Cup Finals! What a treat for me!  

I am a 41 year old female that is 5.7 and around 128 pounds. I pride myself on being independent and safe when I am traveling! Never in my life did I think that the Boston fans would treat me in such a classless manner!

The next thing I noticed about Boston was how the fellow Bostonians treated me. At first, I thought it was me being sensitive to my environment? Then, as the day progressed the reality of my feeling became factual. Yes, I was wearing my Canucks t-shirt in the city. I didn’t expect any negativity or animosity towards me because in Vancouver I believe we have been accepting  and friendly towards those who are supporting the competition!

The real shocker came when I was walking to the TD Gardens! A group of kids were walking around chanting “Go Bruins!” I was smiling and enjoying the moment. With my Luongo jersey on and some other Vancouver pins attached to my jersey, I did stick out to this group. One of the kids looked at me and told me to “#^&% off!” Then another kid told me to go back to Canada, while he started to run at me! I decided not to acknowledge these individuals! I also was aware of the dirty looks I was getting! One person came towards me and purposely bumped onto me!

As I reached the Gardens, I kept getting verbally assaulted with comments directed about Luongo! again, I got myself into the arena as soon as I could.

The staff in the arena were very welcoming and helpful!

As I was walking to my seats, some teenager came into my personal space and tried to put his finger in my mouth! That was a sign for me to get to my seat and hope that the folks sitting around me would be nicer. Thankfully the guys sitting on the left of me were exceptionally nice and classy. The other fans were ignorant and as cold as ice!

During the game the fans for Boston seemed to get more verbal towards some of us Vancouver fans! I was alone in a sea of Bruins! Once the game was over and I was leaving the stadium a number of very loud Boston fans were yelling  derogatory comments about Lou! In their attempt to cause a reaction from me, I did not react!

When I got out of the stadium I felt totally exposed and afraid for my well being! When I got back to my room, I was relieved!

I have been waiting a very long time to go away and watch the Canucks play! When my dream finally became reality, I was so happy!

Today, as I head back to Vancouver, I can honestly say that “I will not be coming back to Boston any time soon!”

No matter what the outcome will be for the Canucks, I will always remain a Canuck fan!

I can only hope that the Canucks win the next two games! As for the Boston fans that visit Vancouver, I will not alter how I treat people in a humane and classy way.

Go Canucks!

Marie *********