VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – He’s being called “one good man in the middle of the madness.” The search is underway for the man who was beaten by an angry mob as he tried to defend the city during the Stanley Cup riot.

“Canada needs more people with this man’s character and courage,” says Heritage Minister James Moore.

In a piece of graphic video, the man in a black shirt screams out, “This is my city!” as the rioters continued to smash windows. Then they turn on him. The middle-aged man in the Canucks hat ended up bleeding on ground, being kicked by hooligans.

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Photo makes headlines

In the midst of all the chaos, it seems a little romance broke out. A photo shows a man and woman lying down on the street, making out as flames are seen behind them.

A few are questioning how ‘consensual’ the whole thing was.

One blogger at Esquire is now calling the now infamous photo, “the greatest photo from Wednesday and maybe ever.”

We’re learning more about the couple in that picture. He’s Scott Jones — an Aussie living in Vancouver. The girl is Alex Thomas — a girl from Coquitlam.

According to their families, they are a couple and Jones was comforting Thomas, who had been knocked to the ground during the mayhem.