NORTH VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A bear cub seems to have been separated from its mother, and is wandering about on its own on the North Shore.

The North Shore Black Bear Network had erected signs warning of a family of bears seen at the Grouse Mountain parking lot a few weeks ago.

The network’s Tony Webb says the cub and the mother are now trying to find each other in that neighbourhood.

“They have techniques of trying to catch up with each other because they scent-mark, so she’ll try and reunite with the cub,” he explains.

He says the cub might be spending a lot of time in the trees, because it is scared.

“We put signs up in the area, but we’re concerned about people being sympathetic to the cub and perhaps feeding it. That’s the very thing that we don’t want to happen.”

Bears that are fed run the risk of becoming habituated to humans and being labeled “nuisance” bears, which usually leads to them being shot.

The longer the little one is away from its mother, he says, the longer the mother will stay in the area looking for it.

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