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Harper's back-to-work order sparks calls for work-to-rule

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The federal government has ordered them back to work, so the union for Canada Post workers is telling its members to follow the new collective agreement ‘to the letter’ to make management’s job more difficult.

At a rally attended by hundreds of angry postal workers in downtown Vancouver on Monday, posties holding signs and wearing t-shirts with union slogans printed on them chanted ‘work to rule!’

The rally at the corner of Homer and West Georgia Streets was organized to show disappointment in Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government.

However, the workers are also disappointed in Canada Post. One shop steward says her employer simply sat on its laurels, waiting for Ottawa to do the dirty work.

“And now we’re at the mercy of the Harper government and some arbitrator. And I really don’t see that this is going to bode well for our future,” she says.

Canada Post says it will take a few days to clear the backlog of mail that’s accumulated over the last month. John Caines with the corporation says the volume of domestic mail is relatively low because Canadians knew service was going to be disrupted.

“And we also have accumulated mail that we received from other countries that’s not yet been entered into our system. That’s got to come in to be sorted. And then mail that’s being inducted as of today will hit the system as well.”

The bill ordering postal workers back to work took effect Monday. Mail delivery is expected to resume Tuesday.