VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Premier Christy Clark doesn’t sound convinced that a two-cent gas tax is the way to pay for the Evergreen Line to the Tri-Cities.  She’s essentially taking a wait and see approach to how things play out.

Last week Metro Vancouver mayors voted ‘Yes’ to a two-cents a litre tax hike and they indicated that the Transportation Minister would make it happen.

But Premier Clark says she will give the mayors a little more time to talk it through.

“When British Columbians say they are not really excited about seeing more gas taxes.  My focus, as Premier, is about how do we make life more affordable for people rather than less affordable.”

She adds that she “gets it” when people tell her they aren’t thrilled about paying more for gas.  “I hear this all the time from people.  They say, ‘You know what?  I’m working and my husband or my wife is working and we each just got a little bit of a raise and we’re actually finding it harder to get ahead.  And that’s real, people aren’t making that up,” adds Clark.

The tax would boost TransLink‘s share of the gas tax from 15 to 17 cents and would generate $40 million dollars in revenue each year.

Both the provincial and federal governments have already chipped in their $400 million share for the transit line.