BURNABY (NEWS1130) – The folks who opposed the Burnaby School Board‘s anti-bullying policy for gay students are now entering civic politics.  They feel there should more balance on the school board.

Charter Lau of the group Parents’ Voice says they’re looking for seven people to run for every seat on the school board this fall.

He says it became clear to them while they were protesting the anti-bullying policy that the board doesn’t represent the entire community.

“Our motivation is very simple. We want parental rights and the right to be free from discrimination to be reflected on the board.  Right now, when the board passed policy 5.45, we didn’t see that happening,” he notes.

He insists they’re not homophobic. “Homophobic means irrational fear and hatred. In our group we don’t have a single soul who falls into that category. What I can tell you, we do respect and accept their (homosexual) rights. This is our bottom line.”

The group had argued that lessons about normal sexual relations should take place in the home, not in school, and that students shouldn’t be discriminated against for their beliefs.