VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It looks nicer, and it’s a little easier on the old feet. News1130 is checking out the first rubber sidewalk in Vancouver, which the engineering department says is eco-friendly and long-lasting.

“This sidewalk is a little bit more than the concrete with initial costs,” admits City Street Design Manager Ryhs Williams. “But we expect over time the maintenance costs will be lower than concrete.”

He says the rubber sidewalk at East 17th Avenue and Carolina Street will be watched over the next five years. “[Meanwhile,] we actually have other areas in the city where we will be doing other rubber sidewalk products.”

“We’ll be comparing them all. Different ones work in different areas but for rubber sidewalks, the best perspective we have on it right now would be for soft soils… and around hospitals and senior centres.”

The sidewalks are completely made from recycled tires. “Overall, the residents love it. It is a soft walking surface, it is aesthetically pleasing… so far, it has been very positive.”