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Kelowna coping one week after Bacon shooting

KELOWNA (NEWS1130) – It’s been exactly one week since Jonathan Bacon was gunned down in broad daylight in a gang shooting that also seriously injured a member of the Hells Angels.  It all went down outside a resort in Kelowna.

Mayor Sharon Shepherd says the feeling of unease is still heavy for those who live there.  “It’s something very unsettling to a city that prides itself in its safe, friendly atmosphere and this is a very unusual event.”

She admits what happened last Sunday brings back memories of a different kind of crisis.

“I compare it to our 2003 fires where people were very nervous about safety and we’re just really trying to relate that this is, we hope, a one time ever event.”

However, she’s confident these disasters won’t knock them down.  “We are a very strong community, we rise from many different situations and I know that we’ll overcome the uncomfortable feelings that I’m sure many people have right now.”

Shepherd is also echoing what many people are thinking.  “We’re hopeful that police can find those involved and deal with them appropriately.”