There’s been another dog attack in Dartmouth. The latest came Friday night when a man was walking his dog near Caledonia Road.

The owner tells News 95.7 a Pitbull-type dog broke off its leash and attacked his Nova Scotia Ducktoller. The dog survived but required several stitches. In the two previous incidents this summer, the victimized dogs weren’t as lucky and had to be put down.

Dartmouth City Councilor Gloria McClusky says “enough’s enough.” She says something needs to be done to prevent these attacks.

“I think that we have to get real tough, real tough fines and probably a jail sentence for these people because this could be a child too,” she says. “There’s no reason for those dogs to be loose. No reason what so ever. Those owners should be put in jail.”

One idea she isn’t in favour of is a Pitbull ban.

“I don’t know that you should say ban the dog. It’s the owner more than the dog,” she says. “They train them to be that way.”

McClusky says she plans to raise the issue at city council in the coming weeks.