VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It turns out workers approaching retirement and new hires have quite a bit in common when it comes to complaints.

A Labour Day poll from suggests companies need to work harder at keeping both groups happy.

Many baby boomers (aged 47-62) and members of Generation Y (aged 18-30) think companies fall short in key areas, arguing employers don’t provide enough mentoring and don’t use younger workers to their full potential. A third of both generations also feel companies lack vision and and fall short in productivity.

Many younger workers in the poll were unable to get a job in their preferred field and expect to change jobs five or more times before they retire.

Both groups look for work-life balance in their career and hope to make good money but more people in their 20s think a cool, fun company culture is important.

“We know that there are a lot of companies who do a great job at keeping employees happy and engaged,” says Peter Gilfillan with Monster Canada. “In order to retain the best and the brightest among both the Gen. Y and boomer generation, leading companies need to find the sweet spot that matches workers’ values with their business objectives.”

Nearly one in three boomers don’t feel companies treat workers nearing retirement with respect. Both generations would like to see better management and improved organizational structure.

But despite all their concerns, 75 per cent of young people and 82 per cent of boomers say they are satisfied with their current job.