VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A Kelowna woman wants to change the way we drive in Canada, after her father was killed last year.
Pamela Tomlinson is hoping to make those who make improper or illegal left hand turns resulting in injury or death guilty of an indictable offence that could include jail time.

Her father was killed when a truck driver committed an improper left hand turn and hit him on his motorbike.

“He said he looked and saw my dad coming on his bike. He actually said he figured he had enough time to make the turn, so he just turned left really quickly in front of my dad.”

She says it took some time before the truck driver even noticed he’d hit anyone.

The truck driver was fined $115, but won’t have a criminal record.
“The driver couldn’t wait three seconds; (if he did) he’d give my dad three seconds to live.”

She’s started an online petition, which has about 150 signatures. Her goal is to collect 10,000 and present it to her MP, who will then take it to parliament.

You can sign the petition at