VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It’s all thanks to our beautiful mountains, strong Canadian dollar and that post-Olympic glow.  Vancouver is the top ranked city to visit by international tourists and for domestic tourists we placed third behind Toronto and Montreal.

This is according to the Hotel Price Index, done by

The company’s Jennifer Drew says there are a few other reasons we’re so popular.  “It’s got everything, the border, great shopping, great nightlife, food for the foodies.  It does have competitive rates, when we compare it to some of the larger US and Canadian markets.”

Customers say they’re willing to pay more to come out here, mainly because we have so many four and five star hotels due to renovations done ahead of last year’s Olympics.

Despite the nice honour, Drew adds is there once city that is giving us a run for our money.  “Seattle is the number six visited by Canadians, in terms of outside of Canada.  It’s also seeing a much stronger occupancy rate recovery in terms of the overall marketplace compared to Vancouver.”

Among US travellers only, Vancouver ranked as the fifth most visited place.  As for where Canadians like to go, there are three top American cities: New York, Las Vegas and Orlando.