VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A strong dollar, high taxes, and now more environmental fees on small appliances in BC means it is becoming much more difficult to keep consumers from shopping across the line.

The Retail Council of Canada in BC has some answers about what needs to be done to keep the cash at home.

“We are lobbying and fighting with the government to ensure that some of the tariffs that are being charged to Canadian retailers need to definitely come down because that is such a barrier,” says the council’s Vice-President Shafiq Jamal.

He adds BC businesses need to emphasize that there are deals to be had here at home.

And while there is always the hassle of the long drive and the border line-ups to help deter shoppers, the Canadian border union admits collecting duty is not always priority when it is focused on enforcement.

“I think there is a combination of competitive factors, a lot of retailers are really enhancing their e commerce sites and making more online and in-store offers.”