VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Dick Cheney is in Vancouver tonight to promote his new memoir, but not everyone is eager to climb aboard the welcome wagon for the former US Vice President.

Vancouver lawyer Gail Davidson is the co-founder of the international group Lawyers Against the War.  The organization is demanding Ottawa either bar Cheney from Canada or if he is allowed to enter, arrest him for torture and crimes against humanity, “Or extradite him to a country that’s willing and able to do so.”

Davidson’s group has mounted a similar campaign against Cheney’s former boss, George W. Bush, who is set to speak in Surrey next month.

“It’s very important that politicians learn what the law is and to be persuaded that they must enforce it as part of their duties as elected representatives, because lives depend on it.”

Cheney is promoting In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir, in which he defends waterboarding and other coercive tactics.

“If we don’t succeed this time, I’ll be disappointed, but not astonished,” says Davidson.