VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It doesn’t matter which way you vote in Vancouver – the infamous separated bike lanes are here to stay.

Even Gregor Robertson‘s rival Suzanne Anton says she won’t get rid of them if elected.

Anton says she has a plan for the bike lanes, particularly the one on Hornby Street that confuses drivers and eliminates a lot of street parking for businesses.

“I’m going to fix what drives people crazy about them,” she tells News1130.

That doesn’t mean paving them over. Without going into too much detail, the mayoral candidate says it will include things like fixing right turn movements.

Anton, a cyclist herself, says removing the lanes altogether would be a waste of a $3-million investment, even if they are technically a trial.

“I don’t want to tear out a piece of $3-million infrastructure if I don’t have to,” she says. “That’s why I’m determined to find out what the problems are so they can be addressed.”

Some of those problems have been outlined by downtown businesses: A lack of metered parking and loading zones, along with some confusing and congested right turn lanes.

Anton says the separated bike lanes have caused an unfortunate rift between drivers and cyclists that she hopes to mend.