VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – You wouldn’t eat a restaurant with bad reviews. So why wouldn’t you check out a potential date online first?

A website called ExRated bills itself as a TripAdvisor or Yelp for relationships. The site’s motto is “forewarned is forearmed” and it lets you anonymously dish on your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend in gory detail, leaving tips — or perhaps warnings — for their next partner.

The database is searchable by name and offers tidbits like: “She’s nice, but keep her away from your friends, your wallet, and the bar. She’ll stab any chick in the back to get to a guy she likes.”

On the streets of Vancouver, one man who has been dumped tells News1130 you have to be careful. “You go out and try to hurt someone else — and that’s what they’re trying to do when they vent on the Internet — it’s going to hurt you back. That stuff is going to come back and bite you in the butt later.”

ExRated is anonymous, can be salacious and doesn’t let the exes dispute their ratings. As for defamatory posts? The site’s founder tells the Huffington Post that abusive comments can be flagged.
Comments left at ExRated:

“After breaking up i was still in love with her and got to sleep in the room next to where she and her new man were ****ing. I hated it. yep.”

“Gonzalo tends to be a generous person. This generosity stems from a sense of inferiority and to cover his lies and infidelities.”

“Laura is beautiful, but very adept in her ability to discover your soft-white underbelly. She’s vicious and without conscience. Watch out.”

“He has a real bad mental outlook!!!”

“Brooklyn intellectual hipster: skinny jeans and dorky glasses. If you don’t like French New Wave films, you’re not worth his time. “

“OK, she’s from Paris, which already gives her hot points, but I’ve dated girls from Kansas more exciting than her. What’s *yawn* in French?”

“Bring your own Zoloft. Fun in bed, but absolute bonkers out of it. Everyone’s conspiring against her, so she thinks (hey, like guys writing bad reviews about her!).”