VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The Occupy Wall Street campaign is coming to Vancouver. Organizers are encouraging people to join a demonstration on Oct. 15 outside the Art Gallery.

Min Reyes says there will also be a march to the World Trade Centre building next to Canada Place.

“Basically, what everyone is asking for, what all global citizens are asking for, is that human lives and human dignity come before profit,” she says.

The group has a Facebook page and a website. Gatherings will be held in other major Canadian cities across the country at the same time in reaction to the late-2000s recession that has impacted the entire global economy.

“The goals for the 15th-on will basically be to attract as many people as we can and have as many Canadians [as possible] participate in our General Assemblies,” Reyes says. “We don’t have a specific goal in terms of what we want to achieve together as a group.”

A General Assembly will be held on Oct. 8 at 10 a.m. in Vancouver, at the Woodwards building. She says the Oct.15 gathering will take shape based on input from that meeting.

Reyes adds the demonstrations on Wall Street, and the ones that will be held in Canada, are inspired by the Arab Spring uprisings that seemed to grow on the strength of social media. Governments in Egypt and Tunisia are among those that have fallen as a result of popular uprisings in those countries.

The demonstrations on Wall Street have been ongoing for weeks, with hundreds of people being arrested.