VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – They have the kind of money that most of us can’t even comprehend. Canadian Business magazine has revealed its list of the richest Canadians.

Deputy editor, James Cowan says number one on the list of 100 is pretty impressive. “The Thomsons have been three generations now of wealth in Canada. You have to add numbers two, three and four on the list to get to the level of wealth they have. They’re at about $21 billion.”

The Thomsons have been number one on this list for 13 years. Number four on the list is the Rogers family, which owns News1130. It’s worth almost $6 billion.

After breaking it all down, Canadian Business determined that most of the wealth on this list is concentrated in Ontario.

When it comes to rich and famous Canadians, director James Cameron is number 94, worth $650 million. Celine Dion didn’t make the list, even though she’s worth almost a half-a-billion dollars.