VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – After hearing from experts, former polygamists, and plural wives, the Supreme Court of British Columbia is expected to rule today on whether Canada’s polygamy laws are constitutional.

Win or lose, the decision will likely be appealed, according to legal analyst Michael Shapray. But he adds if the court deems the existing laws unconstitutional, some of the concerns surrounding polygamy can still be addressed.

“If the law were to be struck down, it wouldn’t bar police and prosecutors from investigating allegations of sexual abuse or human trafficking, just because the polygamy law gets struck down,” he explains.

Striking down polygamy laws would also give BC an interesting distinction:

“British Columbia would essentially be the only place in the western world where there was no criminal code prohibition against polygamy, if the British Columbia Supreme Court strikes down the legislation,” says Shapray.

That may open up the possibility of the province becoming a haven for the practice.