VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Is Bobby Lou expendable?

Cory Schneider has been playing lights-out hockey for the Vancouver Canucks, backstopping the team to five straight wins. He stopped 47 shots in a 4-1 victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets last night.

So, should we expect to see Roberto Luongo in the crease anytime soon?

“Right now, Cory Schneider is giving Alain Vigneault no reason to put Luongo in,” explains Rick Dhaliwal with News1130 Sports. “He’s faced 93 shots in his last two games [with] 22 in the third period last night.”

“Vingeault says [Schneider] was his best player last night and you just don’t take your best player out of the lineup. Right now, he is forcing Vigneault to keep Luongo on the bench,” he adds.

Dhaliwal adds trading Luongo right now would be very tough. “He’s got a long contract; he’s got a lot of money left on it. It’s just not an easy contract to move.”

“It’s not as easy as saying ‘Let’s trade Roberto and keep Cory.’ No team’s going to take that contract off of the Canucks’ hands right now. There’s still a lot of money left to be paid on it. At the end of that contract with the last three to five years, it’s easy to trade Roberto, but not right now.”

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