VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Have you had it with airlines not advertising the true cost of your flight? Ottawa has; the rules are changing when it comes to honesty in airfares.

Transport Canada announced this morning it’s bringing in regulations that will require airlines to include all of the fees, taxes and other charges you end up paying in the advertised price.

“You don’t want to be deceived like that,” says one thankful traveller. “You want companies to be honest. If you think you’re getting a deal for 99 bucks and then there’s all these service charges and extra fees, it’s kind of deceiving.”

“You want the companies to be honest,” he adds.

Right now, advertised ticket prices rarely include extra charges, which in some cases can virtually double the posted price of airline tickets. The undisclosed amounts include Nav Canada fees, airport improvement charges, fuel surcharges, insurance and air security charges.

Don’t expect “truth in advertising” right away, though. It will take up to a year for the regulations to be drafted and put in place.

Brad Davies with Virtually There Travel welcomes the changes, but has no idea why it’s taking so long for the rules  to go into effect.

“I don’t think it’s fair in the sense that an airline can change their prices in any computer system, literally the next day.  So, logistically it doesn’t take a moment for an airline to make that change.  Why it’s taking a year is somewhat beyond me.”

He says this will put all Canadian travel companies and airlines on a level playing field.