VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – You may soon be able to tweet your responses to the News1130 Webpoll from 30,000 feet.  Transport Canada is allowing Air Canada to give WiFi a try on two of its planes on a trial basis.

Many carriers in the United States do it already at an average cost of about $10.

Transport Canada wants to be sure the signal doesn’t interfere with aircraft navigation and communication systems before it allows WiFi on all flights.

“During this trial, Air Canada is required to have safety procedures in place for both crew and passengers on the use of Transmitting Portable Electronic Devices,” Transport Canada said in a statement.  “They need to ensure that their aircraft is not affected by the use of these devices and, during critical phases of flight (taxi, takeoff and landing) or during emergencies, all passengers are aware of and able to follow crew instructions.”

There’s no timetable on how long the trial will last and flight attendants can tell passengers to turn off their laptops at any time.  WestJet continues to look at wireless service on its flights and will probably make a decision sometime next year.