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NEXUS lane expansion expected by 2013

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Border line-ups are usually long and many British Columbians try to avoid the lines by getting a NEXUS membership, the fast track pass which speeds cross border travel.

But with so much growth in the NEXUS program recently and frequent trips across the line it has led to NEXUS lines being longer than regular lanes.

Plans to relieve the busy lanes are now in the works.  As part of the Border Action Plan, the federal government will be changing the physical infrastructure at the border to be in line with its mission to continue to boost NEXUS membership.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade will be expanding NEXUS lanes and booths at Abbotsford, Aldergrove, Douglas, and the Pacific Highway border crossing.

Brad Davies with Virtually There Travel says it’s about time.

“Every time I’ve gone to the United States in the last few years the NEXUS line has been absolutely clogged to a point that why bother even take the card out?  It’s just going to make it that much more easily to go south and that much more easier to go north.”

He adds it’ll make it a lot easier to move across the line.

“Basically the infrastructure is finally catching up with the concept in the sense that the capacity is going to be increased and it’s nice to know they’re making all of the planning ahead of time, so that’s just one government project that is actually going to work.”

Davies says all of the recent border changes will be good for the travel industry.

The expansion of the lanes and booths will be completed by June 2013.