VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Some women may have found a rock under the Christmas tree this morning as some brave men popped the big question.  

“It’s something people want to celebrate with family.  Around the holidays, people are also gathering as a family, it’s a great opportunity to make a family announcement that you want to share with as many loved ones as possible,” says Rob Ferguson with Tiffany & Co.

He says Christmas is one of the most popular times of the year to get engaged.

Ferguson has helped many men try to find the perfect ring, some are confident, others are not so much.  ‘I’ve seen people literally standing a few feet from the counter, visibly uncomfortable and it’s our job to say, ‘Don’t be afraid.’  It’s our job to help you with this.  It doesn’t have to be terrifying.”

He says it’s not just the dollars that can make this process difficult; it’s hoping she says ‘yes’ that’s stressful.