VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It’s been a decade full of changes when it comes to improvements people would like to make in the New Year.  News1130 travelled back to 2002 to compare current resolutions to those 10 years ago.

Health and fitness goals remain top of the list, but there seems to be a shift towards positivity and self-improvement over the years.

Dr Susan Biali, a doctor and life coach, says she has noticed the change with her clients.

“We are coming to a real understanding about what truly makes us happy and what makes life worthwhile.  I think we were fed the idea that things and money would make us the happiest and now we are finding out through research that it is actually experiences that make us happy.”

Changing your overall attitude, travelling more, and doing more volunteer work weren’t even top of mind 10 years ago.

“We used to always focus on what was wrong with people; we tend to go into the past. Now it is all about finding out how to make it right, ways to live, and ways to think that create a much more positive experience in live both internally and externally.”

Top 10 resolutions in 2002
1. Lose weight
2. Improve financial condition
3. Quit/reduce smoking
4. Become more psysically fit
5. Change career or job
6. Improve family relationships
7. Improve health
8. Continue education
9. Improve work habits and career situation
10. Improve other relationships (friends, co-workers, neighbours)

Top 10 resolutions in 2012
1. Become more physically fit
2. Improve financial condition
3. Improve health
4. Lose weight
5. Read more
6. Change overall attitude: be more positive
7. Improve family relationships
8. Travel more
9. Do more volunteer work
10. Improve other relationships (friends, co-workers, neighbours)

(According to FranklinCovey)