VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Thousands of people are supporting a Facebook page set up for a Vancouver mom who wants to show pictures of breastfeeding.

Emma Kwasnica with Human Milk for Human Babies interacts with other mothers through the social networking site. She says her profile has been flagged and disabled ever since she started posting photos in 2008.

“It always came back, but there was never any explanation or apology. It would just be back after a couple days or a week. During one of the deletions, I was away for 30 days and couldn’t access any of my activist work,” she explains.

Kwasnica claims she’s sent numerous emails to the company, but has never received a response. “In public, we have the protected, legal right to breastfeed anywhere a woman is allowed to be. Why is it any different on Facebook? It’s a public domain now. It doesn’t make any sense.”

She says a woman in North Carolina got an apology from Facebook just over a week ago, saying it supports women breastfeeding. But she can’t figure out why the Canadian arm of the company considers the photos a violation of its nudity policy.

As for a solution, she wants to see photos left as they’re posted by breastfeeding moms. “Facebook cannot delete them, call them pornographic, or refer to them as ‘nudity.’ A breastfeeding mother is not nude. It just needs to be accepted that this is a part of a young child’s life.”

There’s even a page now on the Facebook, supporting Kwasnica. More than 3,000 of people have “liked” the page called “FB! Stop harassing Emma Kwasnica over her breastfeeding pics.”