NEW WESTMINSTER (NEWS1130) – It’s called “Take the Dark Out of Queen’s Park.”

People in New Westminster will march through the area tonight. The purpose is basically to empower people who feel unsafe or unsure after City Councillor Betty Macintosh’s daughter was smashed over the head with a bottle.

“We need to let our parks be our residents’ parks. They wanted to show support that we should all be able to walk through our parks. [At] 6 p.m.,we are all going to meet by the ball stadium off 1st Street.”

New Westminster Police Sergeant Bruce Carrie says there haven’t been to many issues in city parks over the years, but it is important to be cautious when walking alone.  “The walk to identify these issues and bring them to the forefront is very positive.”

The city is looking to increase lighting in the area; Lisa Macintosh attackers haven’t been caught.