VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Notorious Red Scorpion gangster Jarrod Bacon and his former girlfriend’s father, Wayne Scott, have been found guilty of conspiring to traffic 100 kilograms of cocaine into Abbotsford. The verdict was incredibly thorough, taking a Supreme Court justice nearly two hours to read.

Bacon appeared via videolink while Scott sat in a prisoner’s booth. The first words from the judge before the lengthy reasoning were “I find you both guilty.” He called Bacon’s testimony flawed and incoherent, adding it contained imaginary facts.

Superintendent Pat Fogarty with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit says the thorough verdict is important.  “Really what it did was clarify conspiracy law for all others to follow by the Associate Chief Justice,” he explained. “I was very pleased with that because it gives us all some more clarity in how we approach these things.”

In reading the judgement and looking back at the case, the judge painted a picture of a paranoid Bacon, who had recently been released on bail.  He commented that Bacon was convinced he was under constant surveillance and even used an erasable marker board to communicate with an undercover police agent and other associates to conceal criminal conversations.

As for the undercover sting that caught Bacon in 2009, Fogarty says it was not launched based on the gangster’s notoriety.  “It was based on the evidence and the intelligence we had, and the opportunity.  Often times these things are opportunities.  We capitalize on that opportunity and here we are today.”

A sentencing date will be set Wednesday but there is already a hint of an appeal. “Do I have any expectation [on sentencing]? No I don’t,” Fogarty says.  “I never do.  It’s in the realm of the court to make those decisions, not the realm of police.”

Bacon’s lawyers suggested they may file a notice of entrapment, which could jeopardize the evidence submitted from the police sting. Fogarty would not comment on that possibility.